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Your leads at a glance


It's like looking into a crystal ball: you can see your lead's details, active subscriptions, tags, emails received, helpdesk tickets, transaction history... you can see everything!

Your leads are your business's number one asset. They represent your prospects, customers, affiliates, etc. In short, your business could not operate without them. That's why Kartra Leads pays so much attention to them!


Everything that matters about them is right there: What newsletters or automated sequences are they subscribed to?  Which products have they purchased from you and what's their lifetime dollar-value? Do they have any open support ticket at the moment? What exact emails have they received in the past? Did they read them? Did they click on the link? Are they members of any of your memberships? Have they booked any appointment in your calendar?


That's the power of Kartra: everything is interconnected within one unified ecosystem, and you have full visibility on it all.

Follow their journey

Every lead has a story to tell. Kartra logs every single step they take, and composes a meticulous timeline with their actions... It's like following the breadcrumbs!

  • Gain valuable intel

    Learn the behavioral patterns of your prototypical user: how they land on your site, at what point they exit, which link they click, how they transition from the moment they sign up to the point of checkout, etc. 

  • Validate your blueprint

    When you design a sales funnel, you expect your users to navigate their way through it in a certain fashion. Follow their journey and corroborate your game plan!

  • Detect breaking points

    Are they jumping the rails at some point? Is there a broken link in the flow? Spot it out early and bring them back on track.

It's actually tons of fun to peek through the keyhole and trail their steps!

Tagging and scoring: the base ingredients to a marketer's favorite recipe!

Advanced tagging and lead scoring

  • Lead tagging

    Apply custom labels to your leads to better categorize them into sub-groups: free prospects, paid customers, VIPs, cold leads, etc.


    Send an email only to your VIPs? Not a problem. Subscribe your cold leads to a warm up email sequence? Great idea! 


    It's that granularity what empowers you to perfectly match your marketing message to each specific demographic group.

  • Lead scoring

    If lead tagging allows you to qualify them, lead scoring allows you to quantify them!


    Say that you grant 5 points per product purchased, and 2 points per add-on to their checkout order. Well, you could create an automation to assign the tag VIPs to any lead above 15 points. And, when they reach over 25 points, have the system automatically subscribe them to a special event exclusive for your best customers.

We don't bite... bring them in!

Already in business? Perhaps using a Kartra competitor? Great, take us for a test drive and compare!


You can import your contacts database while carrying over all your tags and lists. Simply upload a file, and off you go.


You'll be up and running in Kartra in the blink of an eye!

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