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Kartra Email Replaces...

The key to craft amazing emails is a modern, comprehensive and easy to use email builder. Kartra Mail offers just that, and then some more!

World-class email platform

  • Behavior-Based Automations

    Kartra lets you turn on a host of automations based on your recipients' behaviors. For example, automatically send a follow-up message if they haven't opened the previous email, or assign a tag if they click on the link, or unsubscribe them if they haven't opened any email in the last 30 days, and much more!

  • Intelligent Split Testing

    Kartra can split-test your email contents and subject lines, track conversions, and finally switch to whichever version converts the best — automagically.

  • Glorious Templates

    Select from an assortment of gorgeous, expertly designed templates and components including hero sections, content blocks, countdown timers, testimonials, video thumbnails and more. Simply drag, drop, copy, paste and type to customize your emails in seconds.

  • Personalize the message with {Custom_Tags}

    Hey, {first_name},  I see you joined my newsletter on {join_date}. How's been your experience so far? If you have any trouble, feel free to contact our representative for the {country} market.

Next-gen email automations

Let automations do the heavy lifting for you. Set and forget, baby... set and forget!

Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns


You want your email marketing campaigns to work for you, not the other way around. Kartra Sequences will run your communications 100% on autopilot, 24/7/365, all around the clock.

With Kartra, you have the power of an army of marketers, tirelessly working for you night and day.


That's right. Kartra makes it fantastically simple for you to construct automated marketing campaigns that do absolutely all the work for you – email sends, follow-ups, opt-ins, sales, post-sales follow-ups, subscriptions, tagging, analytics tracking, even split-testing and optimization — all on intelligent autopilot.


Kartra's Sequence Builder lets you compose powerful marketing funnels of any size, from the simplest to the most elaborate. Just drag objects to a canvas and configure them with the intuitive wizard. In just minutes, you'll have your first automated campaigns up and running to engage your customers.

  • Emails and SMSs

    Queue up your email and SMS communications, and let the system pace them out based on your pre-defined parameters.

  • Multiple trigger rules

    Kartra allows you to define unlimited rules to trigger a sequence for any particular lead. For example: initiate this sequence when the lead fills in an opt-in form, or when the lead receives a tag, or buys a product, or cancels a payment subscription, or gains access to a membership site, etc. 

  • Tags, lists and sequences

    Subscribe, unsubscribe and cross-move leads from different lists, sequences or tags as they progress through the automated sequence.

  • Control the tempo

    Hold your leads for a certain number of hours before triggering the next step down the sequence, or hold them until next Saturday, or send the email next day exactly at 7:00 am, etc. It's your sequence, so you get to time it up as you wish.

  • Split and GoTo

    Conditional paths, the ultimate campaign-engineering tool! Navigate your leads around the map in full flexibility based on TRUE / FALSE statements.

  • Advanced Automations

    The engine that powers the whole thing: the automation system! Ultimate custom rules at your command.

Your emails fully analyzed


  • Opens, clicks and goals

    Are your leads engaging with your campaigns? Are they reading your emails? Are those emails generating sales? Find out in your analytics! 

  • Optimal day of the week and time of the day

    Kartra will tell which day of the week and time of the day scores a better response from your leads. Simply schedule your emails accordingly and maximize your conversions!

  • Unsubscriptions and spam complaints

    Some emails just don't work: they either don't draw enough attention, or they spike your unsubscription/spam ratios. Keep an eye on it and tweak them as necessary.

  • Revenue ratios

    Dollar per send out. Dollar per recipient in your newsletter. Dollar per click. Etc. Knowing your revenue ratios will help you track the effectiveness of your mailing campaigns.

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