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A full learning experience


Kartra Memberships is the perfect tool to deliver your training material to your customers, so you can focus on what you love the most: creating and sharing your content.

In a nutshell, Kartra Memberships is a feature-packed portal that enables you to organize and share your content with your customer base. No matter whether you want to create a training course or a private community space or even a multi-topic content directory, Kartra Memberships gives you full flexibility to build it out while making sure the whole experience for your users remains intuitive and hassle free.

  • Drag and Drop interface

    Build your memberships on the fly through a "what you see is what you get" modular interface. Just select, drag and drop.

  • Beautiful templates and colors

    Craft your own custom-branded membership site from any of the professionally designed templates available.

  • Multiple membership tiers

    Define multiple access levels, each with their own pricing and content.

  • Upload files, videos or audio

    Deliver your content no matter the format: text, video, audio podcast, or a mix of all three!

  • Structure your lessons

    Use categories, sub-categories and individual articles to make the navigation both intuitive and quick.

  • Drip your content over time

    Make your content available all at once, or drip it over time in a truly set-and-forget fashion.

  • Multi-membership portals

    Got more than one membership? Bundle them up into a global portal for further cross-sale opportunities.

  • Track their progress

    Kartra Memberships keeps track of each user's progress through your content, making it ideal for online courses and learning centers.

More than just a login key

A login is much more than just the password to unlock your content to your customers... it's an intelligent tool to govern who gets what and when.

  • Single sign-on

    Single sign-on credentials. That's everything your customer needs to access any membership site he's registered for. Just one password to rule them all!

  • Multiple membership tiers

    Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum: Kartra gives you the ability to configure different tiers to give your users access to different predefined sets of content.

  • Dripping over time vs. all-in access

    Set a schedule to release your content over time and Kartra will sequentially drip it to your customers. 

  • Welcome them in!

    Kartra automatically creates and emails the login credentials for each of your customers upon registration. Needless to say, you get to customize and brand the welcome email as you like.

Nobody wants to manage the login credentials for hundreds of users. Luckily, you won't have to!

Progression tracking


With Kartra Memberships, it's easy to transform a mere content library into a wonderful step-by-step learning experience for your users.

Kartra Memberships' progression bar tracks how far your customers have advanced within your membership content, so they can easily pick up where they left it. Moreover, it gives you full analytical data such as average user progression level, average number of days from registration to course completion, etc.


But that's not all. Kartra Memberships allows you to provide your members with progressive content and lead them to a higher tier. The system knows when a user has completed your course, so you can configure a number of automated actions. For example: display a congratulations message, or automatically unlock the next access tier, or subscribe them to an "advanced user mailing list", etc.


In short, you pave the way beyond the training course itself.

Automated content drip

  • Evergreen memberships: release content on a timed schedule upon signup

    Have your customers experience your membership portal as if it was brand new! 


    Configure your posts to be automatically released X days from sign up date, so each user receives your content at their own particular pace. That way, no matter whether they sign up today or in a year from now, their progression experience (and content consumption pace) will be the same.


    For example: you can unlock chapter #1 immediately upon signup, then chapter #2 three days later, then chapter #3 one week later, and so on and so forth.


    This technique is perfect to keep your users engaged as time goes on, always looking forward to your "latest" post to be released... even if you had written it over a year ago!

  • Automated email notifications

    Whenever the system unlocks an article for a specific member based on your drip configuration, an automated email will be dispatched to that particular user. That way, your users will never miss any fresh piece of content being published.

  • Queue up content to be published at a specific date and time

    Sometimes you just want to prepare all your membership portal content in advance, and have the system automatically publish each posts at a specific date and time in the calendar.


    This is ideal for time-based events, like a live training group, a product launch, etc.

I love addressing questions and comments from my followers. It completes the learning experience!

Moderate, interact, support!

  • Answer all their questions

    Kartra Memberships' comment section enables you to interact and respond promptly to your users' questions and feedback.

  • Moderation and comment approval

    It's your house, your rules. You determine which comments are approved, which ones are moderated away, which ones are held for further review, etc.

  • Task a staff member to handle the community

    Of course, you don't need to do everything yourself. Assign someone in your team admin permissions to moderate the community on your behalf!

Member Management

  • Member status

    Green or red - active or cancelled. It's as easy as that.

  • Individual progression bar

    Kartra keeps an eye on how your user is doing. Read how far each member has made it through your content portal.

  • Manually grant or revoke access

    Want to upgrade a particular user? Perhaps you need to block a problematic person? You have full manual control!

  • Automated access revoke

    Kartra Memberships knows when a user has cancelled (or even refunded) a paid subscription, and access will be revoked!

  • Mass management

    Manage your users as needed: export them into a CSV file, mass assign a tag to everyone in a certain level, trigger automations to any user completing your course, etc.

See, filter and manage all your users from within one centralized console. Kartra displays you everything at a glance.

Help your membership sites promote each other by gathering them all under one roof.

Multi-site portals

Truth is that you can cover just so much content within one single membership site.


Every field of expertise comprises multiple niches... You would need multiple membership sites... You would need a portal!

  • All your memberships in one place

    If you have more than one membership site, bundle them into a portal: a centralized dashboard to all your courses.

  • Cross-selling heaven

    Your users can discover all your membership sites, even those they haven't registered for yet. It's the perfect opportunity to score a few extra sales right there.

  • Single sign-on to everything

    No more password management nightmares. Each user has one unified login credential to every membership he's registered for, making their life (and yours!) simpler.



Every sound business decision starts with observation and data analysis, and that's why you'll love using Kartra Memberships analytics.

  • Fully itemized data

    Filter your analytics as broadly or as specifically as you need: by date, by membership, by access level, etc.

  • Subscription and unsubscription rates

    Know how many users are signing up or cancelling their membership subscription.

  • Active members

    People come and go, but you want to know how many remain active at any given time.

  • Average retention

    How long, on average, do your members keep their subscription for? Kartra Memberships knows.

  • Average content progression

    Do your users consume your content? Do they leave too early? Kartra Memberships knows that too!

  • Average time to completion

    How long does it take for the average member to complete your course? Well, guess who's gonna tell you :)

Gorgeous templates


  • Drag And Drop membership builder

    Become your own designer with our intuitive "what you see is what you get" interface.

  • Stunning templates to choose from

    Inside your Kartra package, you will find multiple templates, all professionally designed to keep your members engaged!

  • Flexible and customizable

    Upload your own logo? Check. Apply your branding fonts and colors? Check. Choose layout and on-page elements? Check!

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