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The ultimate page builder


Who needs a designer when you have hundreds of stunning section templates at your disposal? Just drag-and-drop them into the canvas, edit the individual components at will, and see your page materialize in front of your eyes!

  • Hundreds of pages and section templates

    Our professional designers have created over 500 page and section templates. All you have to do is browse and pick!

  • Customize every on-page element

    Want to resize an image? Switch the location of two elements? Increase the padding under your headline? Yup, the world is your oyster!

  • Seamless integration to the Kartra ecosystem

    Everything is interconnected. Want to link a button to a Kartra Membership site? One click and... voila! It's done.

  • 100% mobile responsive

    Preview your creation for desktop, tablet and mobile mode. Kartra will ensure they look mint perfect in all of them.

  • Drag-drop-click-fun!

    Nothing to draft. Nothing to code. Enjoy our state-of-the-art visual interface!

  • Start off from a template or a blank canvas

    If you have a keen eye for design yourself, why not kicking off your own creation from a blank canvas? Kartra Pages gives you full flexibility!

  • Colors, fonts, logos... your branding!

    Got your own corporate branding? Bring it over! Your logo, your colors, your favorite fonts. 

  • One-click publish to your domain

    Do you own a domain? Good news! Hook it up and benefit from instant, one-click publishing.

A headline, a hero section and a call to action. It's just so simple to see your own page arising.

Drag to perfection!

It's like a Lego sandbox game: you have hundreds of block templates in the library: stack them up and build an amazing page!

  • Headlines and paragraphs

  • Bullet points

  • Images and backgrounds

  • Carrousels

  • Videos and playlists

  • Buttons and icons

  • Navigation menus

  • Accordions

  • Countdowns

  • Google maps

  • Facebook and Disqus comments

  • Social media share buttons

  • Sticky alert bars

  • Landing, exit and info popup windows

Templates ahoy!

If you don't want to get creative, or simply need to put a page together in 5 minutes, Kartra comes with over 100 gorgeous full-page templates.


Lead capture pages, sales pages, checkout pages, video pages, coming soon pages, webinar pages, blog pages, and many more. Whatever type you need, whatever industry you service, you will find a stunning ready-to-use template fitting every bill.


Oh, and most important: they've all been conceived to convert by Kartra's world-class marketing team! It's like having a pro-team of marketers, designers and programmers working for you... Take advantage of it!

Sometimes, you just want to launch a great page without the hassle, right?

Pop a world of possibilities


Timing is everything. Showing the right message at the right moment is a difficult skill to master... Let Kartra Pages pop-ups give you the upper hand!

  • Landing pop-ups

    Greet your visitors with a welcome message, a temporary discount coupon, or indeed any reason to transact.

  • Exit pop-ups

    Fish them back right as they attempt to leave your site. Perhaps a complementary download will change their mind?

  • Lead capture pop-ups

    No other form of lead capture mechanism grabs their attention like a compelling pop-up message. Exploit it!

  • Checkout pop-ups

    If you want to hide the checkout form until they are ready to order, a pop-up checkout window is the solution.

  • Video pop-ups

    Rely heavily on video? Cluttering your page with multiple video players might not be the cleanest option. Pop them up instead!

  • Info pop-ups

    Let's keep your main page light on text narrative. A strategically placed "Show More" button can work wonders.

Building a healthy contacts list is vital for every online business. Kartra Forms makes it easier than it's ever been!

Forms to convert

Chances are that you're driving people to your site because you want them to take a certain action: Maybe to join your newsletter? Perhaps to order your product? Or is it to have them contact you?


Whatever the case may be, a high-converting form is crucial to your business growth. Luckily, Kartra has perfected the art of forms!

  • Lead capture forms

    The mother of all mailing list building mechanisms, it all starts with a lead capture form!

    Add as many fields are you want, and have Kartra remember their details so next time their info is automatically pre-filled.

  • Checkout forms

    A clean, intuitive and user friendly checkout form might make a huge difference to your bottom line.


    Kartra Pages offers two types of checkout forms: traditional forms with all fields being visible in one single step, or multi-step forms.



As we say here at Kartra, "Kartra knows!".


Since Kartra Leads stores your contacts, Kartra Mail sends your emails, and Kartra Checkouts sells your products, Kartra Pages knows who your visitors are: their profile details, their tags, the mailing lists they're subscribed to, etc.


Imagine you can, based on this profile intelligence, adapt the contents of your page dynamically for each particular visitor.


Here are some examples:

  • Tag-based content

    Say you sell health advice. You would probably increase your conversions if you were able to target your visitors with content specific to their gender, right? Here's how...


    Design two sections in your page: one for men and another one for women, and have Kartra Pages display them accordingly based on their profile. Easy, uh?

  • History-based content

    Say you market two products in the health and fitness niche: one for beginners, and another one for advanced users.


    You could, at your checkout page, offer the Advanced Package to those who've already purchased the Starter Package. And to everyone else, just go for the Starter Package.

  • List-based content

    We all want to build our mailing lists, and for that you're probably showing some type of lead capturing form on your site, right?


    Well, Kartra Pages will recognize whether a visitor is already subscribed to your newsletter, and based on that, it can display or hide the form accordingly. At the end of the day, you don't want to pester your users, do you? :)

Get ahead of everyone else... Once you go BAM, there's no way back!

From the page builder straight to the internet with the click of a button. Yup, it's that easy!

Keep your own domain

  • Host the page on Kartra

    If you don't have a domain name, Kartra will gladly host all your pages for you, completely free of charge! We will give you a unique subdomain such as https://YourUsername.Kartra.com/page_name

  • Publish it to your own domain

    Want to keep your domain brand? Perhaps hosted in a Wordpress blog? Great, it couldn't be easier! Kartra's exclusive One-Click-Push technology publishes your pages live to your domain within seconds. 


    Nothing to upload, no files to edit, no FTP to mess with. Just a one-click push, and it's live!

Build full sites!

  • Global menus and footers

    Share a globalized menu header and footer among all pages within your site. Next time you add a new section, it will get automatically propagated everywhere!

  • Global styles

    Apply the same logo, colors and even custom styles to all pages within the site. Let your site have its own identity!

  • Global tracking codes

    No need to copy/paste a tracking code in every single page. One single paste will embed it everywhere.

  • Global SEO

    Boost your SEO rankings by having Google recognize your entire site, not just a bunch of segregated pages.

Bundle all your individual pages into a unified, coherent site with global menus, styles, etc.

A/B Split testing


No need to complicate things: just design a few versions of your page and link them into an A/B split test campaign. Kartra Pages's tracking system will monitor in real time which one is delivering higher conversion rates.

  • Up to 4 versions

    Kartra Pages can rotate up to 4 different versions of a page per split test campaign.

  • Define your custom rotation percentages

    You don't need to split traffic 50/50. For example: if you run a campaign with 4 versions, you could set the page rotation to 10/50/20/20.

  • Track goals and revenue

    Define the campaign's main parameter: opt-in form sign-ups, orders and sales, revenue, etc. Kartra will calculate the winning version based on that very parameter.

  • Our exclusive Certainty Ratio

    Statistical relevance matters when it comes to split testing. That's why we created our Certainty Ratio: an advanced algorithm analyzing visitors spectrum, goal deltas, and a bunch of other lovely stuff to help you know when the results of a campaign are definitive.

Who says that one size should fit all?! Customize the browser experience for each specific device! 

Customize your page content for each type of device!

Even though every Kartra page is 100% mobile responsive, you might want to customize your page contents for each device.


We all know that the user's browsing experience is completely different depending on their device: an iPhone's relatively small screen cannot (and should not) display the same amount of content as a 27-inch desktop monitor. Trying to display the same layout and amount of on-screen elements no matter the device is doing your website (and your visitors) a disservice!


For example: phone users might appreciate a reduced version, with shorter paragraphs, reduced images, etc, whereas desktop users will prefer to experience your site in its full glory!


What's the solution then? laser craft your page for Desktop, Tablet and Phone experience! Pin-point what specific sections and content you want to display for each device, and Kartra will display the correct version to each visitor.


Give each user the kind of experience that best fit their browsing device and see engagement, conversions and sales go through the roof!

Deep dive into the numbers


  • Visitors, goals and revenue

    Your basic metrics charted in style: how many visitors, how many goals, and how much money!

  • Time on page

    Are your visitors sticking through your sales presentation, or are they bouncing out right away? Find out whether your marketing material is engaging enough.

  • Conversions by device

    Are your visitors mobile? More importantly, are your customers mobile? As usual, Kartra knows... and now so do you.

  • Scroll heatmap

    Every visitor leaves a digital print, and Kartra follows them on their journey through your page. Do they scroll past the top area? Do they make it to your Add To Cart button?

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