Kartra Calendars


Kartra Calendars Replaces...

Let them book appointments!

Your customers will see your available dates and times, and schedule a meeting with you

A simple and intuitive calendar tool — where your customers can book, check and self-manage their own appointments

  • Real-time booking management

    Kartra Calendars are updated in real time, so your calendar can never be double-booked. When a time slot is filled, it will be blocked for all other users.

  • Let your brand speak

    Customize your Calendar with your logo and brand colors — it's as easy as click upload.

  • Designed to convert

    Book every client conveniently — Kartra Calendars can be embedded into any page, membership or pop-up with our drag-and-drop web page builder.

  • Dynamic time zone conversion

    Set your Calendar to whatever time zone you're in. But if your clients are elsewhere, don't sweat — Kartra will geo-locate them and convert to their local time zone. (No math needed).

  • Mobile, tablet, computer... all supported!

    Never stress about devices, browsers, and operating systems; Kartra's Calendar adapts for optimized function and stunning optics.

  • One calendar, multiple classes

    Servicing multiple areas and multiple hosts? Display and manage them all within one single calendar.

Simplify your agenda

One dashboard to manage all your appointments!

When you have multiple clients and perhaps multiple coaches, you need to keep your agenda organzied. Kartra Agenda is like a personal assistant, listing and reminding you of all your scheduled sessions for the week.

  • One calendar command center

    View all of your appointments and clients in one central console; along with appointments for any of your hosts or coaches.

  • Instant access to each client's history

    Everything is interlinked in the Kartra universe, so you can instantly see your client's previous appointments, purchases, tags, and more, right from your calendar dashboard.

  • Automatically update appointments

    Edit, approve, cancel or reschedule sessions and Kartra will automatically update your calendar and notify each participant.

  • Never miss an appointment

    Kartra Calendars will manage your agenda in real-time and notify you of every new appointment or cancellation.

A calendar that fits your schedule

  • Unlimited hosts/coaches

    You can keep it as simple or as elaborate as you need it to be. Are you a consultant offering one-to-one sessions with your customers? Then add yourself as the only host. Are you running a language school with a dozen of teachers and classes? Sure, knock yourself out!

  • Pick your available dates and hours

    It's your business, so you get to define when you're available to your clients. We all deserve a lunch break or a summer vacation!

  • Session recurrence and time horizon

    Do you want your clients to register for one-off sessions? Or recurring weekly meetings? Maybe it's a 4-day event? Whatever type of event or appointment you create, Kartra Calendars gives you the flexibility to set it up!

  • Session Duration

    Kartra Calendar gives you the option to stagger your appointments automatically. This gives you control over the downtime needed between clients.


    A typical schedule follows a 45-minutes session, followed by a 15 minute break. This configuration fits nicely into hourly scheduling when applied throughout your day.

  • Minimum booking notice

    Sometimes you need time to prepare your sessions, or you simply don't want to be booked for a session in the last minute. Kartra Calendars allows you to block out times so nobody can register on short notice.

  • Block specific dates

    You probably don't want to work on Christmas day, your daughter's birthday, or your wedding anniversary! Kartra Calendars makes it easy to choose the days you work.

A calendar for every purpose

Whatever Your Business, Kartra Calendars Is A Custom Fit

Select the exact calendar style you need — and Kartra will automatically adjust the settings to fit your needs.

  • The consultant model

    If you offer one-to-one sessions, this is the calendar model for you. Simply pre-define your available hours through the day/week, and your users can pick their preferred time slot.

  • The gym model

    Do you run different classes allowing multiple registrants per class? The gym model was designed for you!

  • The recurrent class model

    Perfect for teachers. Each student will reserve a specific day/time, and the system will reserve it for all future weeks.

  • The live event model

    Want to organize a meetup, a mastermind, or any event on a specific date and time? This calendar model is your best fit.

Seamlessly integrate work and personal events; Kartra Calendars sync in real time with your Google Calendar

Sync your schedule in real time

  • Both inbound and outbound updates

    Kartra Calendars sends and receives instant updates from your Google Calendarl. Stay perfectly in sync, without any overlap!

  • Different hosts, different integrations

    Kartra allows a separate calendar integration for each of your team members. If you have multiple hosts/coaches running different classes, their respective calendars won't mix up.

Reminder notifications

  • Registration confirmation

    Both your user and yourself are notified with all the registration details immediately upon signup.  You'll receive an update in real time, and they will automatically be sent all the pertinent event details.

  • Pre and Post event notifications

    Configure pre-session friendly reminders, and post-session follow-ups — with automations that free up your time.

  • Cancellations and reschedulings

    When a session is cancelled or rescheduled, real-time calendar updates will keep everyone in the know.

Nobody misses a meeting: your clients, your team members or yourself!

Free and paid appointments

We give you the flexibility to run your business the way you want.


Free bookings are quick and simple. Configure your desired registration form from easy-to-customize templates and even add custom fields such as  "How many years of experience?".


If you want to charge for your time, paid bookings are also easy. Since Kartra Calendars and Kartra Checkouts are already integrated, you can charge for sessions and appointments within the Calendar App. When your client pics an available slot, the secure payment form pops up right then within the calendar.


Easy, seamless, perfectly integrated... it just works!

Are You Ready To Join the Kartra Revolution?