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Your customers deserve your attention. Kartra Helpdesks makes sure no customer is left behind.

Robust ticketing system

  • Funnel tickets by department

    Keep your tickets organized by department (technical support, billing support, sales support, etc.) so your specialized agents can react promptly to every inquiry.

  • Multi-agent collaboration

    Add another agent to the conversation, pass private messages from one agent to another, transfer a ticket to another department or agent altogether, etc. Collaboration guaranteed!

  • Integrated billing

    As Kartra integrates every aspect of your business, you have access to a customer's full profile, transaction history and billing actions (refunds, cancellations, discount coupons, etc.) right from within the helpdesk ticket.

  • Canned responses

    No need to copy/paste the same responses over and over again! Kartra Helpdesks can embed your frequently-used replies with a click from your mouse.

Let's live chat, shall we?

  • Offline? They can leave a ticket

    Nobody can be available 24/7, but your customers still need support. If you happen to be offline when a chat request pops up, the system will redirect them to open a new helpdesk ticket.

  • Multi-agent real time live chat

    So you don't know the answer to a particular inquiry? Not a big deal: Kartra Helpdesks allows you to hot-invite another online agent into the live chat on the fly.

  • Always-on, even while you're doing other things

    No matter where you are in Kartra, the Live Chat minimized window follows you everywhere. So, whether you're designing your next million-dollar sales page or writing a compelling email campaign, Kartra Helpdesk will pop the live chat window so you never miss a customer.

  • Download the chat log

    Want to keep your chat logs for your records, compliance or training needs? Kartra Helpdesks stores every conversation in the cloud so you can retrieve and download them any time.

Nothing beats immediate interactions. Be there when your customer needs you.

Seamless email conversations


Since your users don't need to log into any helpdesk portal, it just makes the whole support experience much more convenient for them.

  • Plug in your desired support email address

    Keeping your brand is important, even for customer support. Your users will submit and receive support messages from your own domain name. For example support@YourDomain.com.

  • Both for new and existing conversations

    Kartra intelligently recognizes whether an incoming email needs to be added to an existing ticket thread, or whether it's a new conversation and needs to create a new ticket altogether.

  • Keep it organized in ticket threads

    While your users will interact with you via email, Kartra Helpdesk will automatically read their email and paste it into the corresponding ticket thread, so your support agents can read it (and respond) from there.

  • Much, much more convenient for your users!

    Let's face it: nobody remembers login credentials. By delivering your support directly to their email address, they won't need to log into the helpdesk portal, remember their password, etc. This is so much easier for them!

Full-on analytics


Reward your support heroes and provide extra training to those lagging behind. The secret to amazing support is to understand your team.

  • Prepare for rush hour!

    What is your busiest shift: morning or evening? What about weekdays or weekends? Know your rush hours so you can prepare your support team ahead of time!

  • Response and resolution times

    When it comes to support, speed is pivotal. Track how long your team takes to respond a ticket, and to resolve it.

  • Department and agent performance

    Is there any particular department that is getting hammered? Any star agent raising to the top? Anyone in your team needing some extra help? Kartra Helpdesks will let you know.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Your customers have an opinion... let them voice it! Learn when you've successfully resolved their inquiries and when things could have been better.

  • Wiki most searched

    Kartra Helpdesks analyzes search keywords through the Wiki so you don't have to guess. Know what your users need most help with, and write your support material accordingly.

  • Wiki ratings

    Any particular article scoring bad reviews? Perhaps it's time to give it a makeover.

Self billing secure portal

Billing support is always one of the busiest help departments: updating expired credit cards, issuing refunds, downloading invoices, cancelling subscriptions, etc.


We know it, and you know it too.


Luckily, Kartra Helpdesks can take some load off your shoulders!


The self-billing portal allows your customers to have access to their transaction history, update their credit cards, and manage their own billing needs. Rest assured, you will get notifications of every activity in case you need to step in.


And needless to say, all sensible data is guarded by our 256-bit encryption security protocols.

Let your customers do the heavy lifting of their billing support needs.

Let the Wiki offload some of the support burden by providing answers before they reach out.

Wiki: your best support agent

  • Easy to search

    Your content can be organized in categories and subcategories, so browsing through your Wiki is a breeze.

  • Easy to find

    Kartra's accurate keyword-matching algorithm will prompt the most relevant articles to every Wiki search. Your users will find exactly what they're looking for, every time.

  • Related articles

    Sometimes the first article won't answer all your questions. Or perhaps you might want to dig a little deeper. Every article and search query will display related support material. Just in case.

  • Ratings

    Let your users tell you if your support material is helpful. Mostly thumbs up? Keep going! Unhappy ratings? You have some work to do!

Hey, look: it's a floating bubble message!

Why wait for your customers to take the first step?


Embed a floating support button on your site, and configure any welcome (or sales) bubble message you want. Moreover, you can predefine when this message pops up: immediately upon landing on your page, or a few seconds later, or mid-way through the scroll, etc. All up to you.


Oh, and you get to pimp the button up too: pick a color, choose an icon and select a shape! At the end of the day, it should match your webpage styling, right?

Nothing greets a visitor like a warm welcome message.

And yes... it looks good too!


  • Stand alone page vs floating slide out

    Your choice: host your helpdesk as a segregated page, or embed it into an existing page as a "slide out" floating sidebar.

  • 100% mobile optimized

    Desktops, laptops, tablets or phones... it doesn't matter. Kartra Helpdesks look amazing on all of them!

  • Many color palettes available

    It's your business, your looks. Choose a color palette that matches your business styling and branding. 

  • Dark mode!

    Feeling daring? Give the dark mode template a test drive!

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