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An amazing video player


Nothing tells and sells like video. For marketing your products and offering content to your customers, video is a must-have.

  • You have the control

    Video autoplay on load, mute on start, hide the video control bar, upload your own video thumbnail, display an overlay title, social share buttons... every option is here for you to turn ON or OFF at will.

  • Customize the look and feel

    Choose among many video player skins and colors to match your site branding!

  • Autoplay the next video

    When a video ends, immediately play the next one in the series. Excellent tool for courses and training programs!

  • Watermark branding

    It's your video, your content, your intellectual property. Let the world know and brand it with your logo watermark.

  • Embedded or pop up

    Whether you want to embed your video straight into your web page, or to load it inside a pop up window, it's as simple as ticking the corresponding box.

  • Optimized for every device

    More and more people watch videos while mobile, and our video player is 100% optimized for all devices. May them consume your content wherever they go!

Tag them as they watch!

In Kartra, everything is interconnected. That means that Kartra Videos knows who your leads are, and when they're watching one of your videos... Imagine the possibilities!

  • Tag them along the way

    Imagine you start pitching your offer 60% into the video... You could apply a tag "Has seen offer" to all leads staying past the 60% time stamp.

  • Give them a second chance!

    How about tagging people who leave midway through the video, so you can send them an email reminder to watch it again?

  • Reward those sticking to the end

    How about sending a congratulation message to all those who make it to the end, along with the link to the next video?

Tagging them depending on how they interact with your video content is the closest it gets to video marketing wizardry!

Timed calls to action


Waiting for the right time to pop a call to action is crucial. Why display a Buy Now button before you've even started talking about your product? Wait for the right moment and boost your conversions through the roof!

  • Timed opt-in forms

    Build your mailing list while delivering amazing video content. Can you imagine a better combination?

  • Timed checkout buttons

    You don't start pitching your product right from the beginning of your sales video, do you? Then, why would you display the checkout button from the start? Keep it hidden until they're warmed up and ready to transact!

  • Timed share-to-watch buttons

    Nothing makes a video go viral like hundreds of people sharing it on social media. So, let's make them go viral!

  • Optional vs. mandatory

    Timed actions don't need to become a deal breaker for your viewers. In fact, you can make them "sticky" (mandatory), or you can allow your users to hide them away.

Comprehensive playlists

Sometimes one video is not enough. In fact, many times you need a whole video series to cover a particular topic.


Here's where video playlists come in play!


If you run a training membership site, or perhaps a coaching program, or you cover software video demos, playlists are a gift, keeping all your videos well arranged and easy to navigate!

Perfect for educators and content creators, playlists keep your content neat and organized.

One global interface to keep all your videos convenient to search and manage.

All your videos hosted in one centralized dashboard

  • Kartra hosts and streams your video files

    No need to find any external hosting solution. Simply upload them to Kartra and let us handle the heavy lifting.

  • Centralized management

    It's easy to view all your videos from one global console. You can even organize them in categories for quick management.

All devices and browsers

Whether it's a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, or whether it's Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other browser... it doesn't matter. Kartra Videos play beautifully in all of them.


And, what's more important, all of its amazing features are 100% device and browser agnostic: the call to actions, the tagging, the tracking analytics... everything!

Analytics like you've never seen!


  • Every ratio a video marketer will ever need

    How many people click the play button? How many people stick to the end? How long on average do they watch your video? Basically, every bit of data you should know is here!

  • Watch rates vs drop out rates

    Learn the watch and drop out curve patterns of your viewers, and what time they lose interest in your content.

  • Call to action engagement

    Know whether they are filling in your opt-in form, or whether they are buying through your checkout buttons. 

  • Know who they are and what they watch!

    And remember: Kartra knows your leads, so it knows how each lead in your database has interacted with your video: Has he/she watched it? Has he/she made it to the end? Amazing, isn't it?!

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